Phoenix Rescue Mission baking, selling cookies to end homelessness

Posted at 4:13 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 23:50:16-04

The Phoenix Rescue Mission believes it has the recipe to fund the future of its recovery program-- It's one part baking, one part cooking and a whole lot of serving. 

"Ultimately we want to offset the entire cost of this program, which is $2 million," Phoenix Rescue Mission CEO Jay Cory said. "With a combination of a thriving gift cookie business, catering operation and a restaurant, it's a win win win for all of society."  

Michelle Rader said the mission's faith-based recovery program turned her life around two years ago after she spent years on and off the streets.

"I had lost my home, my job, my son," Rader said. "I lost him to DCS, so I was, basically, homeless living in a truck with my boyfriend."

Rader went to the Changing Lives Center for help, but her boyfriend didn't. Rader said he was found murdered less than two weeks later. The memory clearly still haunts her, along with the notion that it could've been her also.

"I got my son back now, and he's been living with me for over a year. So, life is looking up," Rader said.

Cory said the purpose of these programs is to teach the participants vocational skills while generating revenue for the center.

Mission Possible Cookies is the brainchild of the women who work there, they even gave the cookies names like 'Changing Life Chocolate Chip' and 'Transformation Trio'. They're sold online and locally.

Cory said in the first full year in operation, they generated $50,000 in revenue. Cory expects that number to rise.

"If somebody's trying to support your cause, they might do it once. But if you've got a really good product they might keep doing it," Cory said.

To order Mission Possible Cookies, click here.