TASTY! Yelp's top 5 bakeries in the Valley

Posted at 12:39 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 15:39:33-04

Don't know where to get the most decadent Danish around?

Don't worry. Yelp made the culinary comparison for you. Believe it or not, there are plenty of healthy options to choose from too! 

Indulge yourself with this list of the top five bakeries in the Phoenix metro area.

ABC15 A-LIST: Top 10 bakeries in the Valley

1. Barb's Bakery

When much of America swore off gluten, Barb's Bakery didn't cower, it adapted.  Barb's offers gluten-friendly alternatives, along with all of the items that made it number one on Yelp's top five bakeries in the Valley.  Barb's has been serving breakfast pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and dessert pastries for more than 35 years.  Items can also be found in local cafes and are served by area caterers.

N. 24th St. and E. Thomas Rd.
(602) 957-4422



2. Treehouse Bakery
A vanilla latte cupcake?  What can be better than coffee and baked goods rolled into one item?  Treehouse bakery boasts natural, organic ingredients in its vegan and baked goods.  Tigra C. from Scottsdale wrote: "My favorite flavors so far have been the Apple Pie cupcake (Is it an apple pie, or a cupcake? It's the lovechild of both!), the raspberry lemon (icing is to die for!), and... the... SALTED CARAMEL! One bite of that salted caramel had me losing my religion sideways.  Sinfully scrumptious!"

W. Grand Ave. and W. Roosevelt St.
(480) 560-5233

3. Urban Cookies
Urban Cookies is the hip joint on the list.  With a little more than a decade under its bakery belt, the owners add a fun, whimsical style to their products. 

N. 7th St. and E. Camelback Rd
(602) 451-4335


4. A Bakeshop
Don't be fooled by the simple name.  A Bakeshop makes intricate cakes, cupcakes and cookies for weddings and other special events.  They also make mini cupcakes if you want to try several, without paying full price.  Ursula D. from Scottsdale said: This girl loves A Bakeshop.  This place is simply adorable and esthetically perfect.  I would love to have a girl tea party in this gorgeous bake shop."

N. 16th St. and Bethany Home Rd.
(602) 274-2253

5. Nami
Read one review about the tSoynami, and your sweet tooth will be begging you to take you to Nami.  According to Nami's website: "A tSoynami starts with our homemade vegan soy tSoft tServe, then we stir in all sorts of goodies like cakes, cookies, chocolate, peanut butter and just about anything you can think of."  

N. 7th St and E. McDowell Rd.
(602) 258-6264


ABC15 A-LIST: Top 10 bakeries in the Valley