What exactly needs to be fixed at Chase Field?

Posted at 5:27 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 20:27:31-04

Just who is responsible for $187 million dollars worth of maintenance and repairs to Chase Field?

Depends who you ask.

Both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Maricopa County are pointing at the other.

After a study in 2013, the county handed the Diamondbacks a bill for nearly $187 million over the length of the contract. It expires in 2028. To put the hefty sum into perspective; to build Chase Field back in 1998 was $354 million.  

These repairs and maintenance are more than half that.

A few of the pricier line items:

  • $22 million for scoreboard panels
  • $17 million for a sound system
  • $16 million for remodels on the suite level

"The vast majority of those costs would lie with the diamondbacks," Stadium District director Daren Frank said.

The Diamondbacks said no way. But they offered to take over maintenance if their rent is lowered, from $4.2 million a year to $200,000.  The stadium district said no deal.

"We cannot significantly reduce the rent at Chase Field because that's the revenue we use to maintain those facilities," county manager Tom Manos said.

Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall said if the team could be released from the contract, it would relieve the Stadium District of this $187 million dollar expense, that the county is ultimately responsible for.

"Our preference would be to stay at Chase Field," Hall said.  "But before we can determine if retrofitting or renovating is the answer, we feel like we owe it to ourselves, since they can't fulfill their end of the bargain, to at least see what those options are to play else where."

In a letter, Hall threatened to take the matter to court if it's not worked out.