JOBS: 5 fields adding the most positions in AZ

Posted at 11:48 AM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 22:17:43-04

Looking to change careers? The Arizona Department of Administration recently released the list of occupational groups adding the most jobs.

Office and administrative support tops it, with more than 25,000 more positions through 2017. The food service industry ranks second. 

Jobs added in Arizona by 2017

  1. Office and administrative support (+25,249)
  2. Food preparation and serving related (+18,327)
  3. Sales and related (+16,018)
  4. Construction and extraction (+12,992)
  5. Healthcare practitioners and technical (+9,570)

The list is in line with another finding by the ADA; jobs which don't require a high school diploma make up the fastest growing sector for the state. Many clerical, restaurant, and construction jobs do not require the worker to have completed high school. Jobs requiring a high school diploma at minimum comes in second.

The Associated Press reported this month the U.S. job market is outperforming many of its counterparts overseas. The unemployment rate in the 19 European nations that share the euro currency is more than double the U.S. rate. On the other hand, some of those countries are doing better.  Unemployment rates in Germany and the Czech Republic are both below the U.S. rate. Japan's economy contracted in the final quarter of last year, though its unemployment rate is also below the United States'. China's economy, the AP reported, grew 6.9 percent last year, the slowest pace in a quarter-century.

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