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You Are Not Alone: Treatment program helps COVID long-haulers recover

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 09:23:30-04

PHOENIX — Phoenix is now home to a treatment program tailored to meet the needs of those considered COVID-19 long-haulers.

According to a new report from Banner Health, the number of patients living with lingering COVID-19 symptoms more than 30 days after an initial coronavirus diagnosis is estimated at 30%.

To help this specific group of patients, Banner University Medical Center is offering a comprehensive long COVID treatment program.

Dr. Harvey Hsu, an internal medicine specialist, tells ABC15 patients with COVID-19 symptoms that won't go away get tailored care.

"Depending on the symptoms we have a team of different people we work with, so you know, we diagnose them. Then we have Banner Physical Therapy helping us with a lot of the patients who have fatigue, or muscle pain. We try to do breathing treatments for people who experience dizziness. We also have Banner Speech Therapy helping people who have trouble with their concentration. It's hard for many of these patients to return to work."

Because of the collaboration across multiple specialties, Banner's long COVID treatment program offers ways to alleviate and treat specific symptoms. Dr. Hsualso says after a long season of coronavirus uncertainty, seeing patient progress feels promising.

"I feel like I'm, you know, making a difference trying to help the patients. And sometimes the patients just need someone to listen to them and hear their complaints."

If you have questions about Banner's long COVID treatment program or to schedule an appointment, click here.