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Check Out ADOT’s Thanksgiving Freeway Signs

Posted at 3:19 PM, Nov 21, 2018

The Arizona Department of Transportation is known for their clever signs over valley freeways to promote safety. For each holiday, there’s a punny theme to their messages. 

This Thanksgiving, ADOT signs came in clutch and made us all thankful for their sly tips on Thanksgiving etiquette (wink, wink). 

Their latest sign says, “Pass food to the right, cars on the left.” 

Some signs from previous years are just as witty, but all reinforce the message of driver safety, with signs from last year reading, “Mashed potatoes, not your head. Buckle up,” and another saying, “Gobble, gobble. Go easy on the throttle.” 

When asked by a Twitter user what this year’s signs would say, ADOT simply replied with, “You’ll just have to take a leisurely drive on Thursday!” The user responded, “That’s the last thing I wanna’ do on Thursday hahaha.” 

According to a press release, ADOT and its contractors won’t be scheduling any new road closures during Thanksgiving weekend. All lane restrictions due to construction will resume on Monday, Nov. 27.