This board game teaches students how to be entrepreneurs

Posted at 8:30 AM, Aug 19, 2021

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — Kids love playing games, but it’s even better when those games teach valuable lessons.

The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeeks is educating future business owners.

It was created by DM Media, Inc. President Elliott Eddie.

"It is the world's first and only STEM accredited entrepreneur board game," said Eddie. “It teaches them how to grow home-based businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses, and turn them into empires through 21st century skills."

This learning game has been nominated "Best in STEM" by Newsweek magazine.

"When I was growing up, I loved board games," Eddie said. “I learned about real estate through learning to play Monopoly. When I looked at it, there was no game on the market that taught entrepreneurism."

"You roll the dice, and you move your player around to spots on the board," explained Meadowbrook High School student Hansyn Vanriel. “It's either a card or payday. And the different cards are marketing, advertising and stuff."

With unforeseen events and wins and losses, the gameplay mirrors what happens in business every day.

But winners learn you must keep moving forward

"America itself was built based on the backs of entrepreneurs," said Eddie. “Entrepreneurs are the people who move the country forward."

The game recently won an award from the Virginia Department of Education, and Eddie plans to work with more students through training and workshops, no matter where they go in the game of life.

"It also teaches you basic skills that you need in life: marketing, branding, communications, negotiating skills, critical thinking and decision-making skills and a host of other 21st century skills that you're going to use whether you become an entrepreneur, or you enter into the workforce," he said.

This story was originally published by Rob Cardwell at WTVR.