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Posted at 7:32 AM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 13:17:01-04

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4 Reasons to Go Solar Before September
When the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) voted to approve the APS rate case last year, solar customers who were able to lock in their solar contracts before the big vote breathed a massive sigh of relief. After all, those very people are now enjoying the financial relief that comes with clean solar energy and grandfathered solar rates for 20 years.
Fast forward one year, and Arizonans are once again staring at a critical APS deadline. As part of the changes that came with the 2017 rate case, APS is cleared to re-evaluate their solar buyback rate every September. And as before, customers who lock in their solar contract before that vote will be grandfathered into today's best rates.
When it comes to going solar, acting early is generally the most lucrative choice. In that spirit, here are four big reasons that now is the time to go solar in Arizona.
1.    The current 12.9 cent buyback rate is under review and likely to change: In 2017 APS did away with net metering, the program that offered a 1-to-1 credit for any excess energy sent back to the grid. The current programs have a set buyback rate of 12.9 cents per kWh. This rate is currently being re-evaluated, as it will every year going forward. The upcoming ACC vote will set a new amount for the following year, beginning in September 2018.
2.    Locking in a solar contract before September will shield you for 10 years:  APS honors solar contracts for 10 years (this was changed from 20 years in the rate case review in 2017). So, people considering solar should lock in an APS solar contract before September to ensure access to today's best rates and immunity from rate shifts for the next decade.
3.    Incentives still exist, but are disappearing quickly: The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) allows solar customers to offset 30% of a solar purchase through their yearly tax filing. The state of Arizona also offers a flat $1,000 tax credit and no sales tax when going solar. The 30% ITC is only available through 2019, after which it begins dropping before disappearing entirely after 2021.
4.    Batteries are the hot new item in solar, with incentives available for a limited time: Adding a battery to a residential solar system allows customers to store excess solar energy for use at night, or to offset expensive on-peak hours. For a limited time, SRP is offering up to $1,800 back for battery additions. Plus, the 30% federal solar tax credit can be applied to any battery system powered by solar, regardless of utility provider. The 30% ITC begins dropping after 2019.
Customers looking to cash in their piece of Arizona's abundant sunshine, or take advantage of incentive programs before they're gone, should contact us at 480-689-5000, or via email at