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Posted at 8:35 AM, May 05, 2017

We are an online group of over 70,000 members affected by addiction. We offer our members a safe place to share, loving support, resources, addiction education, blogs and scholarships to treatment.
We believe that addiction is a disease and those who love an addict need to learn to take care of themselves first using the principals of Naranon. We offer each other strength, encouragement and hope.

TAM offers specialized groups to our members, including Grieving Moms, Healthy Moms, Grandparent to Grandparent, The Addict's Dad and The Addict's Siblings.

The Addict's Mom is so much more than a support group; it is a lifeline to our members. For the mother or other family member sitting alone in the dark, with tears streaming down their cheeks, The Addict's
Mom offers hope and the knowledge that there are thousands of other families fighting for the very life of a loved one.

Barbara Theodosiou about The Addict's Mom In Barbara's Words:

"When I discovered that my two sons were using drugs my life fell apart. For months I felt isolation, desperation and unbearable heartache. I couldn't function, I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't work. All I did was focus on my two sons. My family suffered, my friendships suffered and I walked away from my own very successful business in order to dedicate myself to my sons and their illness.

Deep inside I knew that there were many other mothers suffering as I was. I wanted to create a place for all addict's moms to gather, a safe place where they would have the freedom to share their anguish without the burden of shame and guilt that comes with having an addicted child. Thus, The Addict's Mom was born.

We have chapters in all 50 states. We offer resources, specialty groups, and treatment scholarships. TAM members advocate, educate and act as liaisons to policy makers and experts in the field of addiction."

The Addict's Mom
Sharing Without Shame
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