After receiving 150 Amazon boxes by mistake, woman is donating contents to good cause

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Posted at 11:17 AM, Jun 22, 2021

A woman who received more than 150 Amazon boxes that she didn’t order is now using the contents of those packages to do some good in her community.

Jillian Cannan told CNN that the first packages arrived at her New York home earlier this month and they just kept coming, day after day. Some even came by freight trucks on pallets.

Cannan said the parcels that contained "mask brackets" had her address on them, but not her name.

Cannan didn’t understand why she was receiving the packages, so she contacted Amazon who eventually figured out who was supposed to be receiving the boxes.

Amazon offered Cannan a few options: the company would either retrieve the items or she could keep, dispose of, or donate them.

Cannan, who co-owns a creative studio, chose the last option. She and her business partner plan to turn some of the items into mask kits for patients at a local children’s hospital, CNN reports.

To make it even better, Cannan wrote in a Facebook post that Amazon is going to donate the other supplies needed for the mask kits due to her inconvenience. Some other companies are pitching in for the good cause as well.

Cannan told CNN that she’s finalizing the number of kits that the hospitals want and she hopes to put them together this week. As for the rest of the supplies, she’s working to donate them to other hospitals.

CNN contributed to this report.