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Nick's Heroes: Valley woman knitting hats by hand for the homeless

Posted at 6:35 PM, Dec 20, 2019

PHOENIX — A woman is knitting hats by hand for some of the Valley's most vulnerable.

"These people receive so little, so they absolutely treasure their hats," said Susan George.

And that's exactly what George keeps in mind with every knit and purl, as she makes hats for the Valley homeless, which are given to Circle the City.

She says that people are absolutely amazed that somebody would take the time to knit so they could have a warm over the winter.

Susan comes from a whole family of knitters.

"Maybe it's genetic. I don't know," Susan said with a chuckle.

And if it's not in her DNA, it's definitely in her heart. Shes made nearly 900 hats --and Susan is showing no signs of slowing down.

"Next year, I figured I would be knitting hat number one thousand!"

Some of her yarn is donated. Sometimes, she gets scraps from family members, and sometimes, she dips into her own pockets.

"This is my ministry," she explained.

Spreading her love, warmth, and compassion one hat at a time; Susan George, that's why you are one of Nick's Heroes.

All around us in the Valley, people go above and beyond to help make our community even better. We want to know who they are! Nominate someone today and tell us why they should be one of Nick's Heroes. They could win a $500 gift card from our friends at Valley Toyota Dealers.

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