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Top 5 Geeky Things to Look Forward to in Nerdgasm: Sep 7 -14

Posted at 1:58 PM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 12:29:07-04

This weekly recap of nerd culture is brought to you by Mo!, host of The Mo! Show on 93.3 Alt-Az. Opinions and views expressed below are totally nerdy, and belong to Mo!.

Spider-Man and The Sad Wedding Proposal!

Aww some sadgasm… that could also be a little of facepalm news. The new Spider-man game on PS4 has a sad little Easter egg hidden in the game. A fan tweeted out at Insomniac Games a while back asking if they would hide a marriage proposal in one of the movie theater marquees in the game. Who are they to say no to love? They ended up putting it in the game, only to find out his girlfriend broke up with him a few weeks before the game was released. Yikes, and the worst part, she dumped him for his brother. Insomniac offered to change the sign, which they did, but this time they honored his late grandmother who bought him his first Spiderman comic when he was a kid.

Nintendo Releasing a Pikachu & Eevee Edition Switch!


There’s a new, shockingly awesome edition of Nintendo switch coming out; that you’re going to want to catch this holiday season. They’re releasing 2 Pikachu and Eevee editions of the console. These adorable critter editions of the Switch are bundles that cover the entire console in Pokémon-themed artwork with Pikachu and Eevee colored joy cons, plus a poke ball controller! These limited-edition Nintendo Switches should be coming to stores in November for $400.

Amazon Is Going to Deliver Live Christmas Trees!

If you’re a nerd for holidays; you’ll be happy to hear Amazon, the one stop internet shop for anything you want to buy, are now planning on selling Full Size Live Christmas Trees online. Last year they were selling 3ft Christmas trees, but it’ll be the first time they sell full size 7ft trees for just over 100 bucks, plus some garland and wreaths. So, if you’re tired of hitting up the Christmas tree lots this winter, Amazon will probably be your best bet. You’re already ordering all the presents there anyways…shut up and take my money!

DC and WB Lose Their Superman!

Next, DC’s extended universe is taking a HUGE blow, as one of their biggest superhero’s is hanging up his red cape; Henry Cavill as Superman. The Man of Steel actor is walking away from his role as Superman. Right now, a lot of rumors are going around as to why, but it’s really about contract negotiations, they just couldn’t settle on a number, so he’s out. Instead the DCEU is now going to focus heavily on the new Supergirl movie. Don’t worry, we’ll still get to see Henry Cavill be a badass in the new Witcher series coming to Netflix… and I don’t think they’ll have to CGI his facial hair in or out this time.

 The Original Halloween Is Returning to Theaters For 1 Night!

My fellow Halloween Nerds of both the holiday and the movie, we’re getting a treat coming to a big screen near us, a theatrical re-release of John Carpenter’s classic, Halloween. The 1978 horror classic is returning to only 1,000 theaters in the nation on Sept. 27th, three weeks before the new one comes out that everyone’s been ranting and raving about since the debut at Toronto Film Fest. Best part, we can see it at 10 different theaters across the valley.