Thrill seeker? 10 adventurous activities you have to do in Arizona

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jun 29, 2017
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Adrenaline junkie. Thrill seeker.

No matter what you call yourself, you’re up for a rush and likely love the outdoors. 

Lucky for you, Arizona has a bunch of activities to get the heart rate pumping. Scroll down to find your next adventure.

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course/Michelle Koechle Photography


Take your adventures to new heights by navigating through a ropes course from high in the trees, or clip-in and zip down a steel rope from tree to tree. Either way, the adrenaline from stepping off the platform followed by the bliss of the wind rushing against your face will have you back for more.

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course has more than 30 zip-lines and two ropes adventure courses, one for adults and one for kids. The adult course has five levels of difficulty.

There is also Zip Arizona, Superstition Zip Line, Sunrise Park Resort Zip Line and a zip line at Out of Africa Safari Park.

Pink Jeep Tours


You can take a leisurely stroll through Arizona’s mountain trails or you can experience it off-road from the back of a Jeep. 

Many companies run Jeep tours in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Sedona, and Tucson. You hop in the back of a Jeep with a few friends -- and some strangers -- as a guide takes you along Arizona’s windy dirt trails and down a few steep cliffs, er, we mean hills. You’ll learn a little about the state’s mountains, desert cacti and flowers, and be able to capture some incredible photos on your camera.

Paragon Skydive/Youtube


Have you ever snapped a photo of the clouds from 30,000 feet in the air? Imagine getting a similar bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Paragon Skydives offers tandem skydiving just outside of Grand Canyon National Park, but with views of one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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If you’re closer to Phoenix, skydivers from around the world venture to Eloy, Arizona (about an hour south of Phoenix) to jump out of planes for the rush and views.

iFly Phoenix has a giant wind tunnel and offers indoor skydiving so you can get the thrill experience while staying much closer to the ground. 

Colossal Cave


Test your senses and climb down below the Earth’s surface and explore one of Arizona’s caves. They’ve been developing and growing for millions of years and have left behind some spectacular and picture-worthy formations.

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Some caves -- like Kartchner Caverns and Colossal Cave -- have been developed for tours, but still test your senses when it comes to dim light, tight spaces and the smells of the Earth.

Saguaro Lake Ranch


Water is a precious resource in the desert. It keeps us hydrated and cool in the summer and supports the cacti and desert plants. It also allows us to have some fun with kayaking, tubing and boating.

Kayaking the Lower Salt River looks picturesque in photos -- and it is -- but we’ll warn you that your arms are sure to become sore paddle after paddle. But, where else can you stare up hundreds of feet at a mountain from an active river in the desert?

Rainbow Ryders


Arizona has some of the best sunrises and sunsets out there. You can get a one-of-a-kind view of them from a hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloon companies have tours all over the state whether you’re up north, in Phoenix or south in Tucson. Each one showcases Arizona’s beautiful and diverse landscapes.

Camelback Mountain/Visit Phoenix


Camelback Mountain’s Echo Canyon Trail is one of the most popular, and arguably one of the toughest, hikes in the Phoenix area.

It gets its name from the shadow it casts on the Valley. The trail features steep climbs, some developed and others not; handrails and boulders to climb over. Once you reach the top, not only will you feel like an accomplished warrior, you’ll be rewarded with some spectacular views of the Phoenix skyline.

You know this, but in Arizona the temperatures are usually in the high 90s and 100s, sometimes above 110. Hiking during these times is not recommended. Whenever you go hiking, you need to be prepared with extra water, sunscreen, snacks, sturdy shoes and an emergency plan.

Fossil Creek


The Fossil Creek watering hole and waterfall is a must stop when visiting Arizona. Twenty-thousand gallons of water flow down the river each hour and the water temperature is 70 degrees. That is refreshing considering our hot summers.

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Getting there is not just a drive in the park. The trail is four miles there and back, according to the Coconino National Forest, and you need to be prepared with water and snacks to do it safely.

Between April and September, you need to have a permit to visit Fossil Creek. Permits have to be booked online. They are not sold at the park and do sell out.

Bondurant Racing School


The Bondurant Racing School has its own 1.6-mile track in Chandler and offers multi-day high-performance driving courses.

Depending on the course, you could find yourself in the driver’s seat of a Challenger SRT 392, Challenger Hellcat or a Viper SRT TA 2.0.

Courses will not be on your budget-friendly list with a day experiencing running more than $1,000.


Did You Know: Arizona's Salt River features more rapids per mile than any other river in Arizona?? #MildToWildRafting #Whitewater #VisitArizona

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Yes, you can go rafting in Arizona. 

Beat the heat as water splashes you and simultaneously turn up the heat as a guide helps navigate your vessel through rapids.

Some companies offer tours along the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon and along the Upper Salt River. Some are half-day journeys, full day journeys and others are multi-day trips with camping mixed in between.