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‘The Royale’: New commercial complex in the Melrose District

The Royale coming to the Melrose District
Posted at 12:41 PM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-15 20:12:43-04

PHOENIX, AZ — If you’ve driven down the Melrose District, it’s likely that you’ve seen a few new businesses popping up. But there’s one major development happening on Glenrosa Avenue; say hello to ‘The Royale.’

Mark Howard & Rocco Menaguale are the owners of this new business complex and have made ‘local’ a priority for their new venture. “For me, it’s always been making sure that local comes first. When people buy local and spend local, that money stays local,” said Howard, who has been a Valley entrepreneur for more than 15 years.

“We’re turning about five autobody shops, that used to reside in that area since the 1940s, into a kind of synergistic commercial complex,” said Howard to ABC15.


So, what’s coming to the new commercial complex? Here’s the list of the confirmed tenants: Cult Hair Salon & Spa, Window Coffee Bar, Stem Swag, Rocco Designs and LIX Uptown Ice Cream. A restaurant/bar will also open, the name is yet to be finalized, and will be owned by Mark Howard and Rocco Menaguale. Howard’s the owner of Fez Restaurant and Bar and owned Bliss ReBAR.

“All of those things [tenants] are very synergistic, they’re all local independent-owned businesses. A lot of them… have either resided or they lived [and are] very familiar with the Melrose District,” explained Howard.

Renderings of The Royale

“We have about two to three other [tenants] which I can’t yet name. We have letters of interest from them, and so we should be able to close those in the next couple of weeks. We plan on the next couple of weeks to be 100% pre-leased,” said Howard.


There are big plans for the corner that The Royale is on. “There will be tons of new landscaping, trees, shade, sidewalks, we’ll have bike racks so people can come and ride their bikes over there,” said Howard. “There will be just a much more enjoyable experience on that corner.” The entrepreneur said that they’re also pushing for a four-way stop at 6th Drive and Glenrosa Ave.

Howard tells ABC15 that the slated projected opening date for The Royale is early 2023.

When it's open, you can head to 635 W. Glenrosa Avenue.