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The Rose Garden: new cocktail lounge to open in Downtown Phoenix

Owners of Sip Coffee and Beer & 36 Below to open The Rose Garden
 The Rose Garden to open this summer in Downtown Phoenix.
Posted at 11:55 AM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 00:17:31-04

PHOENIX — The owners of the Sip Coffee and Beer and 36 Below are getting ready to open a new cocktail lounge in Downtown Phoenix called The Rose Garden.

“Our goal is to always provide a unique experience in a very well-thought-out space,” said Josh Katz, co-owner. “People aren’t just looking to go out for a drink, they’re looking to go out and have an experience... so that’s what we’re really looking to create.”

The cocktail lounge is located inside the US Bank building and is said to be an 1800-square-foot indoor-outdoor space.

The new space is much larger in comparison to the other concepts in the Valley owned by Josh & Chiara Katz and Maurice Murillo; here, they’ll be able to seat at least 85 guests and there will be a larger cocktail menu.

Josh and Chiara Katz and Maurice Murillo of TruColor Concepts to open The Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden is an elegant upscale cocktail lounge. It specializes in craft cocktail… so we’re very beverage forward,” said Katz. “We have 18 craft cocktails and then we have a beer and wine selections with five food items- appetizer type of style food items- that we’ll change periodically.”

A lot of the cocktails are named after forbidden and deadly plants that do helpful task and beautiful creatures that help tend the garden,” said Katz. “It’s a garden influenced palate. The menu allows a variety of flavors [from] all the seasons that pretty much ensure an experience for every drink.”

Cocktails from The Rose Garden.

According to Katz, there’s a strong emphasis in the drinks’ presentation, meaning you’ll be seeing a lot of garnishes and edible flowers. The co-owner says that guests can expect “very pretty, very Instagram worthy” cocktails.


  • The Rose Garden is expected to open “early July.”
  • Address: 101 N. 1st Ave. in the US Bank building in Downtown Phoenix.


  • Every day from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m.