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Pickleball Kingdom: dedicated indoor pickleball facility opens in AZ

Pickleball Kingdom opens in Chandler.
Posted at 9:23 PM, May 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 13:43:11-04

Get your paddle ready, Pickleball Kingdom is now open!

“Pickleball Kingdom is the first indoor pickleball facility in Arizona and it’s actually one of the few in the entire country and it's one of the largest,” said Mike Rodrigues, founder/CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, in an interview with ABC15.

Pickleball Kingdom; indoor pickleball facility in Chandler.

The indoor pickleball facility in Chandler has 15 courts and is open every day.

“The great thing about playing pickleball is that it’s fun, its interactive, its social, but there are some downsides… you’re in the sun, you’re in the wind,” said Rodrigues. “So, what Pickleball Kingdom has done [is] we’ve eliminated all those kinds of distractions. It’s indoors, we’re out of the heat, it’s nice and cool, there’s no sun in your eyes or on your skin and there’s no wind. Even though there is AC, the AC will never affect your ball. So, we’ve kind of retained all the great things about pickleball and took out the things that were not that great about it.”

Indoor pickleball facility in Chandler, Arizona.

“You hear indoor pickleball [and] it’s kind of a misnomer… because normally it’s a gym that has indoor pickleball, meaning they put some tape on their basketball courts and then you’re kind of confused by the eight different colors of the lines on the court, there’s no back stops [and] the ball rolls 50 feet every time you miss it”, said Rodrigues. “Our facility is an actual dedicated indoor pickleball facility, where it’s with courts that are designed for. It’s actually outdoor surfaces- that everyone knows and loves, when they play in the parks- but with all the indoor benefits,” he added.

Guests at Pickleball Kingdom in Chandler.

Pickleball 101
Don’t know how to play? Learn for free.

“We’re offering free lessons, we call it Pickleball 101 for anyone in the public. So they don’t have to be a member with us, they can literally go to our website, sign-up as a visitor, then go to our calendar and look at what date makes sense for them,” explained Rodrigues. “We’ll provide the paddles, the balls, the instructor.. they just have to show up with some type of court shoes or workout tennis shoes- and other than that, we’ll take it from there,” he added.


  • Location: 4950 W Ray Road in Chandler
  • Hours: 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. everyday.