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Meet The Sugar Bar: Chandler neighborhood bar serves beer, wine, and candy concoctions

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Posted at 4:49 PM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 19:24:21-05

CHANDLER, AZ — Beer pairs well with football, pretzels, peanuts, and snack mix, but what about candy? How about a flight of sours paired with gummy candies and sour lollipops? Or a stout topped with a frozen ice pop drizzled in chocolate?

All are on the menu at The Sugar Bar, a neighborhood bar and taproom that opened in December in Chandler, near Warner and McQueen roads.

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In addition to the taps, the bar also has a small wine list, frozen sangria, and a dozen or so candies for sale, such as peach rings, neon rings, and candy necklaces.

"We do a lot of chocolate and beer pairings and sour candy and beer pairings," said Kyle Hess, who opened the neighborhood bar with his wife, Zabdi. "And we like to have fun with all the drinks that we serve."

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They have 29 beer taps — ranging from lagers and stouts to ales and sours — two wine taps with a red and white option, as well as two coolers with more than 100 canned craft beers. They also have two frozen slushes that will rotate periodically that are served in pouches, essentially an adult version of a Capri Sun.

One of their signature items will be mini flights paired with candy, such as a lemon-lime Apple sour paired with sour candy, a berry blonde ale paired with a sour lollipop, or a cherry blossom beer with cherry gummies.

They also have a coconut Imperial Porter that's served in a chocolate and coconut-dusted glass and topped with a coconut ice cream bar and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

"We wanted to do a taproom that would stand out and be different from the other ones," said Zabdi.

There are about a dozen hot pink seats at the bar, a large community table, and a few smaller tables in the back with various board games. They do not serve hot food, but people are welcome to bring their own food, according to the website.

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The Sugar Bar
960 East Warner Road #6
Chandler, AZ 85225