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CHICK-A-DEE: new restaurant brings traditional Thai street food to Phoenix

The new restaurant of Sorada VanBlargan & Watoo Chairungsrid brings traditional Thai street food to Downtown Phoenix.
Posted at 10:34 AM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 13:34:05-04

PHOENIX — CHICK-A-DEE, a new family-run business in Downtown Phoenix, is serving “Thai street food” in hopes of diversifying the Valley’s Thai cuisine.

CHICK-A-DEE's traditional Thai dishes & drinks.

“People here [in Phoenix] know [of] Thai food a lot, but they just only know Pad Thai, they know the Curry, they know the Tom Yum, but no one knows about the authentic Thai Street food,” said co-owner Watoo Chairungsrid to ABC15. “This kind of food is like a comfort food, and I want to bring the comfort food [to] Phoenix.”


Sorada VanBlargan and Watoo Chairungsrid are the owners of the restaurant. The duo — an aunt and niece — is from Bangkok, Thailand. They were inspired “to bring something different to Phoenix," specializing in the traditional Thaichicken and rice.

“This [is] common street Thai food that you can find like everywhere on the street,” said Chairungsrid, who explained to ABC15 that the type of rice they make at the restaurant is the kind of rice that people in Thailand eat “in the morning, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

CHICK-A-DEE dishes.

VanBlargan and Chairungsrid pride themselves not only in how they cook their traditional dishes but also in how they serve them. Once prepared, one of their most popular dishes [The Combo] is wrapped in paper and fastened with a rubber band. According to the family, the technique helps keep the chicken’s moisture, softness, and flavor, even if you take it to go.


Although the restaurant does have vegan options, chicken and rice is their main entrée and concept, hence the name of the business.

According to Chairungsrid, the name of the restaurant came from her husband. The meaning? “He liked the name CHICK-A-DEE, but the real meaning is: CHICK is from chicken, and A means that we use A-grade chicken, and DEE in Thailand means 'good,'” said the co-owner to ABC15.


  • Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Location: 49 West Thomas Rd.