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CWhat’s Screening: ‘Lion King’ movie review

Posted at 9:01 AM, Jul 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-19 22:38:30-04

PHOENIX – There are a few rare occasions when a remake is better than the original. Disney’s The Lion King doesn’t hold a candle to the 1995 version. This is not a live-action remake, Walt Disney Studios says it’s a “photo real movie”.

That’s correct. Moviegoers won’t see or feel the same emotion in the characters faces. However, that doesn’t mean the film doesn’t roar at the highest level. 

The Lion King’s visual and audio effects bring you to a real-life Pride Rock. The film made Mufasa larger than life, very broad and with a huge mane. Plus, with James Earl Jones’ iconic voice for the king of the jungle, viewers will feel like a child again in their seats. 

Speaking of children, JD McCrary and Shahadi Wright Joseph, who played a young Simba and Nala, didn’t give the good vibes with their singing of classic songs. Especially, “I just can’t wait to be king”. 

It is the opposite for Donald Glover and Beyonce. Just wow! Everyone will feel the love, the sequence was a 10/10. The waterfalls, the singing, the cute pouncing on top of each other was all magical. Glover and Beyonce brought energy and made the songs timeless. Whether you’re an adult or child, you’ll sing along.

The same could be said about the comedic relief in the Lion King. Timon and Pumba will tickle your funny bone just right. 

The details in the insects, lions, hyenas are unmatched. There was a part where Timon laid down and scratched his side and viewers can hear the rustling of the hairs on his stomach, it’s seriously impressive. 

The Lion King is visually stunning but doesn’t come close to the original. I give this movie, 3.7/5 cubs.

It’s slimy, yet satisfying. 

There are elements of this film that moviegoers will prefer in the 2019 version rather than the original. 

The Lion King premieres July 19. That’s all for CWhat’s Screening, I’m J Russell.