ASU student looks to prevent phone overheating with cooling phone case, charger

Posted at 9:58 PM, Mar 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-28 11:53:52-04

TEMPE — We’re still a couple months away from the first official day of summer but we don’t need triple digit heat in Arizona for it to become dangerous.

Being without a phone in sweltering heat can make bad situation worse.

An ASU student is hoping to change that with two inventions before he graduates this semester.

In the second semester of his senior year, instead of sweating about where he’s going to work after graduation, Jordan Fourcher is hoping to spend most of his time, “if not all of it” working for his company – Fourcher Technologies.

He’ll be leaving ASU with a degree in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management and two inventions that could be in high demand in places like the Valley of the Sun – technology to prevent phones from overheating.

His first invention is the ‘CyroPad.’

A wireless charger that actively cools mobile phones using a micro water cooling system with a thermoelectric plate.

Once out of testing he hopes to sell it for under $100.

The second development is a ‘CyroCase.’

A self-cooling phone case that uses passive radiative cooling paint. The tech of the ‘CyroCase’ is owned by the Palo Alto research center.

Fourcher explains it works like a mirror that “really good at reflecting light.”

“The reason you don’t see this (paint) on every single building in Phoenix is no one has found a way to make it durable enough,” said Fourcher.

Fourcher said he cased the cooling paint and looks to go to market with it.

When he put the Cyrocase to the test, a thermal imaging camera shows the prototype of the ‘CyroCase’ is several degrees colder in direct sunlight than a phone without.

He looks to add the tech to other hardware that tends to heat when used for prolonged periods of time.