Georgia candidate David Perdue prefers questions comes from experts

Posted at 12:28 PM, Oct 17, 2014

I really don’t know why this one stuck in my craw but it did.

David Perdue is the Republican running for the open Senate seat in Georgia against Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn.  This is Perdue’s first campaign after a career in business.

He’s held a small but steady lead in the polls in the red state but the race has tightened up after some quotes came out of Perdue talking about his experience outsourcing American jobs to Asia. Voters tend to be weird about that sort of thing.

At an appearance at a VFW hall Wednesday, a reporter asked Perdue about his business background. "The criticism I've gotten over the last few weeks has been from people who really have no business background, and don't really understand what it takes to create jobs and to create economic value," Perdue said.

Really?  People with no business background shouldn’t be questioning him. He only wants to be questioned by experts? That list could get long. Perdue’s apparently an expert on everything.

This is a guy who just put out a press release saying, “President Obama once again failed to lead and took a serious threat far too lightly. I have no confidence in how the Obama Administration has handled the Ebola crisis so far.” So I guess Perdue must have an infectious disease background since he has such strident views.

This is a guy who recently said, “Whether it’s Putin, ISIS, Iran, Syria, we’ve emboldened our enemies. The President’s confused and inconsistent foreign policy has put our national security in jeopardy.” So we presume that Perdue also has a deep background in national security policy and diplomacy.

I know this is random and campaigners of every stripe do this stuff everyday. But, man, it is obnoxious.