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Facebook event encourages people to wash their cars so Phoenix can see some monsoons this year!

Posted at 7:30 AM, Aug 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 17:27:38-04

PHOENIX – Doesn’t it seem like every time you wash your car, it happens to rain? Just when you go out of your way after much procrastination to wash the car… there comes the rain! It’s like a rain dance.

Now there is an event page on Facebook for August 30 at 12pm through August 31 at 11pm in Mesa & Phoenix that is encouraging people to wash their wash their cars in hopes of more monsoon weather.

“You may also consider planning a giant outdoor birthday for a three or four year old complete with bouncy house, grilling, and live entertainment. Events like this almost always guarantee rain will occur even if the forecast for the entire week guarantees sunshine and nice temps.

“We’re wasting water by all washing our cars at once!” Imagine the deluge of rain that could be brought about by 2/3 of the metro of Phoenix deep washing and waxing their cars via Murphy’s Law. It would be a storm of epic proportions. It’s likely it would rain for days. You’d wish you drove one of those cool old cars that’s amphibious.

*For folks who have been so gently and casually reminding me that we live in a DESERT (no way, really?) and that we are IN A DROUGHT (you don’t say!), lighten the frick up. I’m hoping for rain to come and wash my truck, because that’s about as often as it gets washed. Like I said, you’re welcome to schedule an elaborate and expensive outdoor event in lieu of washing, as this will most certainly guarantee rain; or feel free to consult your crystals, vortexes in Sedona, or whatever deity you believe in to intercede on our behalves.”

So far there are about 2.8k people planning to wash their car and 5.9k interested in doing so. One could only hope that this plan really works!

Get more information about the event HERE!