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Candy canes now come in Funfetti flavor

Candy Canes Now Come In Funfetti Flavor
Posted at 10:50 AM, Jun 28, 2021

Pillsbury’s Funfetti flavor is mostly known for being in cakes, but over the years, we’ve seen the celebratory sprinkles show up in everything from cereal and pancakes to blondies, coffee creamer and even popcorn.

This holiday season, we’re getting another Funfetti treat: candy canes! Made by Brach’s, the Funfetti candy canes are currently listed on the website of distributor Redstone Foods, but chances are they’ll be available in other places as well once it gets closer to the holidays.

While the website does not have a description of how they taste, we can safely assume they’re like other Funfetti treats, which are usually vanilla cake-flavored. The candy canes are white with colorful specks, so they look like the Funfetti frosting on top of a cake.


These are far from the only unique candy canes on the market. The brand Archie McPhee has nearly a dozen interesting candy cane flavors, like ham and bacon for meat-lovin’ candy fans, or shiitake mushroom and kale for fans of more plant-based diets.

The company also makes candy canes that taste like picklesmac & cheeseketchup and even pizza, which the brand says tastes like “a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven.” You can also buy ketchup-flavored ones, which actually look like normal candy canes, but will obviously taste pretty different.

Archie McPhee

For the holiday season last year, Kellogg’s also debuted Froot Loops candy canes, which are striped just like regular candy canes, but the colors coordinate with Toucan Sam’s radiant hues.

Of course, they also taste like Froot Loops! The candy canes were available at Kroger last year and you can still find them online for around $5.00 for a box of 12.


If you’re not into candy canes, Archie McPhee has a crazy selection of other kinds of candies as well, like dill pickle-flavored mintsbacon-flavored jelly beans and hard candies that taste like lobster or fried chicken.

Brach’s also made candy corn that tasted like a Thanksgiving turkey dinner last year, with flavors of green beans, stuffing, ginger-glazed carrots, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie. While we can’t say for sure if these will return this year, they were available at Walgreens last Thanksgiving, so you may want to keep your eye out in November.


What unique flavor would you like to see turned into candy?

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