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You Can Buy A Crocheted Baby Yoda Cup Sleeve To Keep Your Coffee Warm

Posted at 5:45 AM, Jan 01, 2020

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Baby Yoda sipping soup was so ridiculously cute that it infected the entire internet the second fans saw it on the new Disney+ show “The Mandalorian.” See ya, other memes. Everything is little Baby Yoda with his tiny cup of soup now. Nothing else exists on the entire world wide web.

Twitter user Carrie Wittmer perfectly summed up why we just couldn’t deal with all of this fuzzy-warm-cozy-sweetness when our brains tried to process Baby Yoda sipping soup. She tweeted, “finally understand what hygge is.”

YES. The Danish tradition of coziness existed long before Baby Yoda, but here hygge is, incarnate. (Wittmer, it should be noted, states in her Twitter bio that “Kylo Ren is the ideal man.” This is clearly a fan with a penchant for the dark side. Welcome to the hygge light.)

But so much of what makes the hygge tradition is tactile. We need to feel a soft knit, a warm cup of coffee in our hands. So it’s no surprise that someone came up with a koozie that captures the coziness of this moment with everyone’s favorite new Star Wars character.

This crocheted cup sleeve with floppy green ears, a sweet smile and button eyes is made from acrylic yarn and is currently selling for $16 on Etsy.

Etsy/Elena Monroe Boutique

But if you want one of these cuties, you should probably order it immediately. Disney has been cracking down on unauthorized Baby Yoda merchandise on Etsy and elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reported. They’ve been sending legal notices to makers of unofficial merch. In fact, some sellers learned Etsy had deactivated their Baby Yoda listings at the request of Disney before the sellers had a chance to take it down themselves.

Disney still only has a smattering of official Baby Yoda merch out, which is an unusual marketing move for them. But here’s what happened: To keep this beloved new character — which is called The Child on “The Mandalorian” — on the down low, Disney didn’t take the traditional route of creating new merchandise that would be ready the moment the show hit our Rokus and Fire Sticks. Instead, they waited until “The Mandalorian” was available for streaming to produce official merchandise, as they didn’t want to risk any leaks in the toy-production process, which can take a year or longer, the Journal reported.


In the wake of seeing this viral cuteness on our screens, the DIYers of the planet stepped in to fill the void. Etsy erupted with alternatives to the lack of official Baby Yoda merchandise, with Baby Yoda crochet patterns, ornaments (this all happened just ahead of Christmas) and other craft items.

Disney is now rushing to fill the demand, but Baby Yoda plushes and dolls are only available for preorder. Here he is, sipping soup! And bundled up in a blanket! We want it right now! You can get the pair on Amazon for $15.99 — to be delivered in May, according to the retailer.


While you’re waiting for that official merch to arrive, there’s only one thing to do: Make yourself a warm soup to sip, sit back and keep bingeing “The Mandalorian.”

As the character Kuiil says in the first episode, “I have spoken.”


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