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The Best Charcoal Grill

The Best Charcoal Grill
Posted at 12:42 PM, May 05, 2021

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Backyard barbecue purists prefer charcoal grills over gas grills for many reasons. The best charcoal grills give food a more authentic, smoky taste, and they also reach higher temperatures, creating a seared finish that many love. And while gas grills are easier to use, charcoal is more suitable for chefs who really enjoy the grilling process. Charcoal grilling takes more work, but when you have the best charcoal grill, that amazing flavor is worth the extra effort.

Charcoal grills are also less expensive than gas ones, but you need to have a supply of charcoal on hand so you’re always ready for cooking. These grills are more portable and less of a fire hazard than gas grills, even though charcoal burns hotter. When cooking, you can move the briquettes around to control the temperature; this way, you can sear the meat in the hot spots and then move it to the side to cook more slowly.

Barrel charcoal grills are wide and shallow, hence the name. They are good for cooking large amounts of food. Kamando or ceramic grills hold in the heat well for more control, but they tend to be more expensive. These are perfect for turkeys, briskets and sides of beef. Kettle grills are the best-known and most popular types of charcoal grills, since they are the most versatile.

The Best Charcoal Grills

1. Cuisinart CCG-290, Kettle Charcoal Grill

Price: $96.80

This kettle grill features a 150-square inch cooking rack, so you can fit plenty of burgers and chicken on it at a time. Its traditional design and dual-venting system will make the Cuisinart CCG-290, Kettle Charcoal Grill the star of your next backyard barbecue.


2. Royal Gourmet CD1824E 24-inch Charcoal BBQ Grill

Price: $136.13

No one will go hungry when you cook with the Royal Gourmet 24-inch Charcoal BBQ Grill. It has 474 square inches of grilling area plus a large, stainless-steel warming rack. As a result, it is one of the best charcoal grills you can buy.


3. Royal Gourmet 30-inch BBQ Charcoal Grill And Offset Smoker

Price: $154.49

The Royal Gourmet 30-inch BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker has a grill plus a smoker for added versatility. It holds its temperature well, and it also comes with a temperature gauge, smoke stack, wheels for transporting and a side-access door.


4. Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill With Offset Smoker

Price: $129.99

The Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker is easy to assemble and use, and is priced to fit your budget. It has a charcoal grill and an offset smoker, and it can hold up to five pounds of charcoal at once. This makes it a great choice for big parties, or for chefs who like to always be ready to grill.


5. Moclever Space-saving & Foldable BBQ Barbecue Grill

Price: $31.77

The Moclever Space-saving & Foldable BBQ Barbecue Grill is the best charcoal grill for cooks on the go or for those with limited outdoor space. Its chrome-plated cooking grate measures 180 square inches, and after you’re done cooking, you can clean it quickly and fold it up for easy storage or transport.


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