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Try These YouTube Workouts To Get In Shape At Home

Try These YouTube Workouts To Get In Shape At Home
Posted at 4:00 AM, Oct 09, 2021

Earlier this year, a poll conducted on behalf of the AI fitness app Freeletics showed that, since the pandemic, most Americans have lost interest in going to the gym to stay fit. Two-thirds of survey respondents reported that they plan to continue working out at home even after the pandemic. A significant 81% said that working out at home has allowed them to reconnect with their bodies and improve their self-confidence, and 72% believe gyms will become a thing of the past.

With resources such as YouTube workouts readily available, it’s easy to see why.

Perhaps you are one of the new believers in at-home workouts and you’re looking for guidance on specific types of exercise. Or perhaps you find your current fitness routine monotonous. If so, this collection of the best YouTube workout channels might be just what you need.

With more than 37 million YouTube channels in existence, it would be virtually impossible to name the absolute best. However, we have found 10 popular, unique and effective options with an array of styles and types of exercise. There’s something for every age and fitness level!

Best Low-Impact YouTube Workouts: Sharona’s Hill

Sharona Gaasendam is a fitness YouTuber who shares workouts that are as fun as they are easy on the joints. Her walking workouts include themes such as “Disney hits,” “queens of pop” and “musical medleys.” Her channel also includes dance workouts in categories such as movies, mashups and popular artists. She also uploads enjoyable fitness challenges, workouts for specific muscle groups and even a collection of apartment-friendly workouts for those who need to get fit in a smaller space.

Check out Sharona’s Hill on YouTube.


Best Indoor Walking Workout: Walk At Home By Leslie Sansone

Leslie Sansone is a fitness instructor who has been creating videos for more than 30 years. Some of her “Walk at Home” workouts are available on the fitness walking brand’s YouTube channel. New low-impact — yet effective — exercises are uploaded to the channel each month. Playlists include beginners’ workouts, five-minute mini walks, strength workouts, challenges and more.

Check out Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone on YouTube.


Best Spinning YouTube Workouts: Kaleigh Cohen Cycling

Thanks to YouTube, there is no need for a Peloton bike; you can get a fantastic indoor cycling workout with any exercise bike. Kaleigh Cohen is a spin instructor, Stages Beats instructor and NASM-certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience teaching spin classes. She posts new videos weekly and offers a range of workouts from beginner-level to HIIT to post-cycling stretches.

Check out Kaleigh Cohen Cycling on YouTube.


Best No-Equipment YouTube Workouts: FitOn

This channel features multiple trainers providing easy, at-home workouts. Videos are designed to help you get toned and feel good, and they feature workouts such as HIIT, yoga, pilates and dance. You can work out anytime with little to no equipment.

Check out FitOn on YouTube.

YouTube | FitOn

Best Pilates YouTube Workouts: Blogilates

Cassey Ho is a well-known pilates and fitness instructor who has been on YouTube since 2009. She uploads free at-home pilates workouts, workout calendars, healthy recipes and fitness challenges. Each type of challenge — such as abs, arms, booty and thighs — has its own playlist.

Check out Blogilates on YouTube.


Best Dance YouTube Workouts: EMKFit

Emily Thorne is a certified physical therapist and fitness instructor. She is also a former actor and self-proclaimed theater nerd. She brings this all together on her YouTube channel, EMKFit, where she posts enjoyable workout videos that feel more like a dance party. Each video has a theme, such as “Chicago the Musical,” “Disney” and her popular “Mama Mia” HIIT workout.

Check out EMKFit on YouTube.


Best All-Levels YouTube Workouts: Body Project

One of the great things about YouTube workouts is that there is something for everyone at every level. For example, Body Project, which offers high-energy HIIT cardio, resistance training, pilates and yoga videos, promotes progress over perfection. Every video features people of all body types (not fitness models) and the workouts are safe, realistic and attainable.

Check out Body Project on YouTube.


Best Body Sculpting YouTube Workouts: Sydney Cummings

Sydney Cummings is an NASM-certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist whose goal is to make fitness accessible for everyone. Her channel includes stretching videos, time-specific workouts, 4-, 8- and 12-week programs and more. During challenges, she uploads as many as five videos per week.

Check out Sydney Cummings on YouTube.


Best Yoga YouTube Workouts: Yoga With Adriene

Yoga teacher Adriene Mishler welcomes “all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls” as she aspires to make the tools for mental, emotional and physical health accessible for everyone. Her YouTube channel offers yoga workouts for various experience levels, as well as sessions that focus on reducing pain, practicing stillness, diminishing stress and other topics. She also uploads some videos in Spanish.

Check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.


Best YouTube Workouts For Seniors: Senior Fitness With Meredith

This YouTube channel provides health and wellness videos for ages 55 to 75 and up that focus on physical activity “and a positive mindset.” Meredith Chen is a fitness instructor with experience working with seniors in retirement communities and other settings. Her channel offers seated workouts, workouts using resistance bands, and exercises for balance, posture and more.

Check out Senior Fitness with Meredith on YouTube.


If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more exercise at home, one of these channels might be ideal for you, or you could try mixing it up with a sampling of several.

What type of YouTube workouts get you moving?

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