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What To Know About Netflix’s New ‘Shuffle Play’ Button

What To Know About Netflix’s New ‘Shuffle Play’ Button
Posted at 6:19 AM, Aug 25, 2020

All of those series and movies that you meant to stream when you had the time? The odds are good that thanks to the pandemic, you have scratched every one of them off your list. Now what?

Netflix is testing out a feature that might solve this dilemma.

If you have logged into Netflix recently (and honestly, who hasn’t?), you might have noticed the “Shuffle Play” option. The button appears on the home screen, directly beneath the selected user profile icon.

Selecting Shuffle Play is like spinning the Netflix content Wheel of Fortune. You might land on a winner, finding yourself sucked into a series you would never have thought to watch on your own. On the other hand, you could hit “bankrupt” with something you’ve already seen elsewhere or absolutely can’t stomach. Of course, if this happens, you can simply try again.


Netflix told Techcrunch that it had tested several versions of the concept across different platforms, so you may have seen the Shuffle Play feature as the “Play Something” feature instead.

The content presented to you when you shuffle is based on shows and movies you have watched and liked in the past or have saved to your “My List” selection, so there is a decent chance that you’ll discover something you enjoy.

Enjoyment seems to be the consensus of Netflix streamers who have tried Shuffle Play.

Twitter user @jazringgold_ called the feature a “game changer.”

Others seem surprisingly pleased by the programming they are presented.

“I used the shuffle play function on Netflix and it gave me a nature documentary,” tweeted @thoust_to_blame. “And you know what? I don’t hate it.”

Some even find themselves getting lost in a series they hadn’t considered before.

“I tried the new shuffle feature on Netflix,” tweeted Lauren Jones White (@LaurenJo8), “and I’ve been binging the show it threw at me all day I literally had no idea what time it was. Shuffle feature is the best thing they ever did.”

If you don’t see the option on your Netflix profile just yet, hang tight. Shuffle Play is currently still in testing mode, which began in July 2020, and is presently only available on connected-TV devices. However, the company will evaluate this testing with the hopes of rolling it out as a permanent Netflix feature.

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