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Native Seed Library aims to bring Arizona plants to help our environment

Posted at 11:06 AM, Mar 26, 2021

Even if you’ve been in Arizona for years, there are so many native plants you might not be aware of, and it’s a Valley woman’s mission to spread the seeds of these plants into our homes.

The Maricopa Native Seed Library, which provides free, native seeds to the community, was founded by Danielle Carlock, a librarian at Scottsdale Community College.

Many of the seeds can’t be found in Valley yards and neighborhoods, so Carlock goes to the Tonto National Forest and gardens within the Maricopa Community College System, adding to the extensive catalog that makes up the seed library.

With many natural areas threatened by drought, wildfires, and invasive plant species, Carlock wants to make sure native plants can survive and thrive locally.

“What I’m trying to do with the seed library is provide seeds of native plants that are local plants to help people put them into their gardens to support wildlife,” Carlock said.

The Maricopa Native Seed Library has locations across the Valley where seed packets can be picked up, including Phoenix College, Gateway Community College and the Red Mountain Campus at Mesa Community College.

Seeds can also be ordered online, but only three seed packets can be taken monthly.

To find out more about the Maricopa Native Seed Library and how to obtain seeds for your garden, click here.