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Arizona electricity companies prepared to aid California energy demands

Posted at 10:33 PM, Aug 31, 2022

Through next week, record-setting temperatures in California will likely put a strain on the energy grid.

It's also part of the Western Interconnection that includes Arizona. This allows western states to push power back and forth but the states don't depend on each other for generating their own electricity.

While California may be in a bind with its electricity, Arizona is not. That's according to APS and SRP.

Both Arizona utilities tell ABC15 that they're prepared for an uptick in energy use, planning for excessively hot days, and have reserves in place.

"Should we have a transmission line or plant power outage or have some kind of catastrophe, we have that room for error to cover," says Justin Joiner with APS. "Today and in the coming days, we have that 15% excess."

Chris Hofmann with SPR says California is taking a very aggressive stance of retiring their existing generation without having replacement generation ready to go.

"They actually went forward at a pretty quick rate retiring a lot their existing traditional thermal generation plants without having all the renewables online," Hofmann says.

Both utility companies say that they're prepared to help California with some of their energy demands if needed.