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Walmart solves gift card problem and gives consumer a bonus!

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Jan 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-15 09:12:41-05

The Let Joe Know team has your back!

Not all cruise insurance is the same

What sounds better than a Caribbean cruise?

A Casa Grande couple booked a $5,500 cruise to Cuba through Norwegian Cruise Line.

Unfortunately, health problems forced cancellation six weeks before their departure, but the couple says they would still have to pay $3,800 to cancel the trip.

They let me know and the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team took over.

Jo Ann used her past travel agent skills and she went back and forth with the company for seven months.

Norwegian Cruise Line wrote the couple, saying in part: "By the time we were made aware of the situation, we were unable to secure a later flight per your request. As such, we understood your frustration and reasoning for canceling the cruise entirely."

Finally, the couple let us know: "Just back from the bank and the refund has been credited to our account."

Not all cruise insurance is the same, so make sure you know EXACTLY what is covered and what is not before you buy.

Problem solved!

Gift card troubles

Our team helped Danny with a complaint that, fortunately, didn't involve thousands of dollars, but we've been hearing a lot about people with the same issue: buying gift cards that can't be used.

Danny's card was a gift for his mom! It was a $30 Walmart gift card.

When he couldn't get it to work, and couldn't get a refund, he let me know.

Volunteer Grant ended up not only getting the $30 card reloaded, but Walmart also threw in another $10 card for Danny's trouble.

Problem solved!

Dead battery creates another problem

When Wayne's battery died, he called a service. They replaced the battery, but created a new problem.

He says the tech disabled his windshield wiper system.

Wayne says he was told to take it to a dealer, get it fixed and send receipts.

He did and got nothing.

Then he let me know and volunteer Brenda went to work.

In no time, Wayne got a refund for the $185 spent.

Another problem solved!

Thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line and Walmart for coming through and issuing those refunds!