Two teens killed in multi-car crash near 35th Avenue and Thunderbird

35th Ave and Thunderbird crash.png
Posted at 4:03 PM, Mar 01, 2022

PHOENIX — Two teenagers have died and an adult was taken to the hospital following a crash in Phoenix Tuesday.

The crash happened sometime before 2:30 p.m. near 35th Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

Police confirmed Tuesday evening that two individuals who died in the crash were juveniles. They have since been identified as 17-year-old Aron Heeley and 17-year-old Payton Sharp.

“Minutes before he got into a car accident, he asked to hang out,” says Nick Welch. He says he wanted, to, “Do stuff, and I told him I couldn’t. If, I, just went and hung out or did whatever, he would still be here today.”

That was the last time Nick Welch heard from his best friend, Aron Heeley. Phoenix Police say 17-year-old Aron Heeley was speeding through the intersection and sideswiped another car. Aron lost control, crashing into an electrical pole and into a brick wall.

Welch says, “I just don’t want people to remember him for something like this.”

Aron and his passenger, 17-year-old, Payton Sharp, were killed. Aron, was just shy of a milestone.

Jacob Roswell, is a friend of Aron. “When I first saw everything, my heart just absolutely shattered. he was a couple of weeks from turning 18.”

“It’s rough knowing that they’ll never be able to grow up and experience the joys of earning certain things, or regaining relationships with certain people,” Roswell says.

Another man in the backseat was able to make it out without getting seriously hurt.

“I know he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I hope he’s watching over me,” Welch says.

One day after the crash loved ones arrived to show their respects.

“His brother is right there. his brother doesn’t know what to think either,” Welch says.

Aron and Payton are described as kind, loving and reliable.

“They were just such amazing people, I’d love for people to understand that,” Roswell says.

Officials say the crash also resulted in downed power lines in the area that caused some areas to see a power outage.

Phoenix Police are still investigating the crash. They say no occupants were wearing seatbelts.