Supply chain issues could cause delays in Loop 202 construction project

Posted at 5:56 PM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-15 20:34:56-05

PHOENIX — We've seen it in other industries across the country, and now ADOT says a supply chain issue could put a major construction project behind schedule.

"This would be a first in terms of supply chain issues for a Valley freeway project," said ADOT spokesperson Doug Nintzel.

The goal of the project is to ease congestion surrounding one of Gilbert's busiest business districts with ADOT widening Lindsay Road near Loop 202 and adding on and off-ramps.

The project broke ground in January of this year with a completion scheduled completion date of early 2022. But Nintzel says they may not make that deadline.

"We’re still assessing it, and don’t want to speculate too much, but there is the concern that there will be a delay in being able to complete the project," he said.

That's because the contractor, Haydon Building Corporation, can’t get its hands on a key piece of material critical to completing the artwork on the walls.

"This is a specialized product. This is something that only a couple of manufacturers make, these molds for the retaining walls that create an artistic treatment. So that’s why they’re having problems getting these particular molds," he said.

“They are concerned that it could add several months to the schedule. "We’re still assessing it we don’t want to speculate too much but there is the concern that they’ll be a delay to complete the project.”

A delay of several months, according to the contractor.

The total project cost is $21.7 million, and ADOT is still crunching the numbers to see if the supply chain delay will affect the bottom line.

Meanwhile, drivers in the area say dealing with construction is the cost of living in a thriving community.

"Honestly, it’s not too bad, I mean it’s a little wait, but what’s a couple of minutes," said driver Jazzlynn Acevedo.

"It’s an inconvenience right now for sure, but definitely in the long term, it will pay off. Arizona is growing rapidly right now," said driver Shaye Murphy.

ADOT will continue to work with the contractor to resolve the issue sooner rather than later.

"It really does go to show that even ADOT, with our freeway projects, we’re not immune to supply chain issues," Nintzel said.

Nintzel says they're still working out a new timeline for completing the project.