Phoenix area rideshare prices have folks rethinking the way they travel

Posted at 4:45 PM, Nov 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-23 21:03:19-05

PHOENIX — If you thought rideshare prices were going up, you’re not wrong.

Passengers say rideshare services aren't as affordable as they used to be.

ABC15 spoke to several people at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport who say they are now rethinking the way they travel.

Many rideshare passengers tell ABC15 they are definitely feeling the dent in their wallets, after recently using popular services like Uber and Lyft.

Kendra Davis is one of them.

“$25.99… $38.52… $74.16,” she said while flipping through rates on her phone.

Davis says she can’t believe rideshare rates have gotten to be so high.

“The first thing I think is, okay it’s cheaper than taxi... but now I feel like the taxi may be cheaper,” she added.

Davis says she requested a one-way trip to Glendale from the airport, and she had to pay nearly $30.00.

“I was like wow that’s a lot of money,” Davis said in disbelief.

Jonah Larson agrees, saying if a friend was available, he would have asked them instead of requesting a ride.

“I just don’t have any other option to get where I’m going today, so it’s kind of what I have to do,” Larson told ABC15.

Rideshare expert Sergio Avedian, the chief contributor with The Rideshare Guy, says they are not the only ones feeling the financial hit.

“Unequivocally, pretty much all around the country, prices have pretty much doubled if not tripled from what they used to be,” said Avedian.

He’s also experienced this firsthand as an Uber and Lyft driver, as well as a passenger.

“The fares are about 100% higher on Uber for the passengers. On Lyft... Lyft is about 100% higher than Uber,” Avedian added.

So why are rates so expensive?

Avedian says there’s a shortage of drivers.

“For me, that’s number one. The people figured out you know, I’m worth more than this,” he told ABC15.

Which is why he says rideshare companies were forced to increase incentives for drivers and maintain them, while also making a profit.

“The prices are never going to go back to what they were pre-pandemic,” said Avedian.

“Hopefully some new competition maybe comes in to help lower the prices,” added Larson.

And if rates don’t go down, “I don’t really like buses, but I think I might go with a bus next time,” Davis told ABC15.