A new design in the works for Dobbins Road after 2014 monsoon storms

Posted at 9:49 AM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 12:49:28-04

The City of Phoenix wants your opinion on how to re-work a road in south Phoenix. The city is conducting a study on Dobbins Road from 67th Avenue all the way to Central Avenue.  The original plan many years ago was to make Dobbins Road a major arterial road, but now the city is taking a step back. They want to know how many lanes of traffic are needed, bike lanes and possibly new sidewalks.

The city is also looking at the impact the South Mountain freeway will have in the area. A freeway interchange is planned for 59th Avenue and Dobbins Road, so that portion will likely need to handle more traffic.

There's also a focus on flood prevention, because this part of south Phoenix has been hit hard by the monsoon in the past. Ray Dovalina, Phoenix Street Transportation Director, says there are several spots throughout the city that need drainage improvements and Dobbins Road is definitely one of them. “We have about $1.7 billion worth of needs just in drainage, so all in all that is just one area but it did get a lot of rain in 2014,” says Dovalina.

There is a public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016. The community can learn more about the project and give their feedback to the city as well. It will be held from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at the Fire Station 57. The address is 1708 W. Dobbins Road.