Back-to-school deals for those who don't have kids

Bedding, appliances, cleaning supplies on sale
Posted at 1:42 PM, Aug 02, 2017

The start of a new school year is right around the corner, but back to school shopping is in full swing. If you don’t have children, you might not give it much thought, but here’s how you can take advantage of the great shopping deals that go far beyond pens and paper.

Sounds odd, but right now you can get great deals on small appliances. They include small refrigerators and microwaves. We found a mini fridge from Sunbeam at Target for $20.00 off the original purchase price.

Next, instead of classroom supplies, cleaning supplies are also on sale. Whether you’re looking for counter-top cleaner or tile cleaner, you’ll be able to find great prices at pretty much any store.

Of course, backpacks are on sale, but so is luggage this time of year and the best part is there’s a wide variety of brands and sizes to choose from.

You can even get great steals on furniture and bedding, because of kids going off to college. 

The biggest perk when shopping back-to-school sales is if you need a new laptop. This is where you’ll want to price compare to make sure you’re getting the best deal on this big ticket item.

This time of year, certain states will waive sales tax on certain back-to-school items. Make sure to check if and when your state waives fees this month.