Hurricane Irma timeline: Path and landing projections

Hurricane Irma timeline for path and landing
Posted at 8:02 AM, Sep 05, 2017

Hurricane Irma is moving closer to the United States, and it's expected to make landfall in Florida by the end of the weekend.

The forecast models have changed daily as to where exactly this hurricane will go once it makes the hard right turn to the north.

Now that Hurricane Irma is that much closer, forecasters are more confident of a United States landfall in Florida.

FRIDAY: Hurricane Irma has gone from a Category 5 to a Category 4, but the exact path it takes today could determine its strength once it arrives in the United States. Current projections have Irma moving through Caribbean Ocean waters in between Cuba and The Bahamas.

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SATURDAY: The storm will continue its path between Cuba and The Bahamas. However, if the storm inches closer to Cuba than expected, the United States may see a slightly weaker, yet still catastrophic Category 3 hurricane. Unfortunately, the hurricane's track is currently staying in the warmer ocean waters where it will remain a Category 4 or stronger until it makes landfall in the U.S. Near the end of Sunday, Irma will begin to make a right hand turn toward Florida.

SUNDAY: In the early morning hours, Irma will make landfall near the southern tip of Florida. From there, it will move up the middle of the state. Because of Hurricane Irma's size and path, nearly everyone still in the state will experience hurricane force winds or near hurricane force winds.

Models are beginning to come to an agreement as to where exactly Irma will travel over the weekend, and they seem to be coming together in south-central Florida.

This storm is expected to be a dangerous Category 4 or 5 when it makes landfall on Sunday.

Regardless of where exactly this storm travels, it's one to watch with potentially catastrophic results.

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