Blizzard conditions to end spring-like warmth

Posted at 11:17 AM, Feb 21, 2017

After almost a week of record-breaking, or at least near record-breaking temperatures, it's hard to believe something like a blizzard is going to cut across the country.

Beginning on Thursday, a strong low pressure system is expected to develop in eastern Colorado over the Plains. That storm system will strengthen quickly, and begin to pull in some of the colder air over the Northern Rockies.

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From there, the winter storm is likely to travel across the Plains and into the Upper Midwest. Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin are most likely to bear the brunt of the storm with the heaviest snow and the strongest winds.

The cold air, snow and brisk winds are going to give many areas a taste of winter after feeling spring's warmth for almost a week.

The warmer air ahead of this winter storm will help to feed chances for thunderstorms in the Midwest and the Southeast on Thursday and Friday. Some of those storms could even be severe.

Once this storm passes, some much colder air is returning to the eastern two-thirds of the country over the weekend.

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It seems winter isn't finished yet, even if it felt like it for an entire week in February.

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