Baby ducklings rescued after falling in storm drain

Posted at 8:53 AM, May 11, 2017

Six ducklings were rescued Tuesday after falling in a storm drain at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Emily Arnston is a student and said she and her friend were taking a study break when they saw thirteen ducklings following their mother.

When they crossed the street six got caught in the drain.

The students say the mother duck never looked back and continued with the other seven towards the river.

"We were all looking at each other like you just lost half your crew, do you know what are you doing? What learned later is that mother ducks can't count so she didn't even realize anything was wrong," says student Michelle Falkenbach.

While some students tried to stop the mother duck, others helped get the ducklings out of the drain.

John Leadbetter is a student and says he heard what was going on and decided to help.

He stuck his head in the drain and used a bucket to get the ducklings.

"Nobody else did and I wasn't scared to get a little dirty especially for six ducks,” he says.

The ducklings were reunited with their mother a short time later.