The Cardinals are hiding 100 NFL footballs across the state of Arizona

Fans can use Google Maps to help find them
KNXV Arizona Cardinals helmet
Posted at 3:02 PM, Jul 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-29 16:01:20-04

In honor of the 100th season of NFL football, the Arizona Cardinals are hiding 100 footballs across the state of Arizona and giving fans a chance to locate them in an extreme scavenger hunt.

The footballs will be placed throughout the state beginning Monday, with the final footballs set to be distributed Friday. The footballs will be dispersed at parks, landmarks and business locations across Arizona.

Fans will be aided in their attempts to locate the balls via a Google map created by the Cardinals. The map will reveal the location of the balls within a 100-foot radius. The Cardinals are encouraging fans to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@azcardinals) to access a link to the map, as well as other hints for finding the footballs. The maps will be updated each morning through Friday.

Per the Cardinals, 97 of the 100 footballs will be standard NFL balls that will include a customized painted panel and a team message. The three other balls will be gold-colored; fans who find those balls will win tickets to the Cardinals' preseason game vs. the Oakland Raiders on Aug. 15. One of the three gold balls will also come with Cardinals season tickets.

Fans are encouraged to announce the discovery of footballs via social media using the hashtags #Cardinals100 and #NFL100.