Is that legal? Ball kicked twice on same field-goal attempt

Posted at 9:20 PM, Sep 16, 2017

We're not sure this should have counted -- and frankly, the officials didn't seem sure, either.

But ultimately, this "field goal" by the Division III Texas Lutheran Bulldogs went in the record books as good.

On Saturday, Texas Lutheran had a simple 18-yard field-goal attempt during Saturday's win. Or at least, it should have been simple.

After the kick was initially blocked, the kicker decided to kick the ball off the ground and through the uprights. After a brief delay, officials ruled that the kick counts as three points.

No one seems to be 100 percent clear on whether the officials made the right call. But SB Nation did some digging and learned that, while a blocked kick can be advanced by a runner, it probably can not be kicked again without being subject to a penalty.

Bottom line: It probably wouldn't have mattered either way, as Texas Lutheran went on to beat Belhaven 37-0.