Packers' Aaron Rodgers is convinced he saw a UFO

Posted at 11:09 AM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 14:09:11-04

Last month, ABC15 documented a list of the most well-known and debated UFO sightings in Arizona history.

While some people scoff at the very concept of UFOs, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not among them.

On a recent appearance of a popular comedy webcast -- appropriately titled "You Made It Weird" -- the two-time NFL MVP discussed his own UFO sighting that took place in 2005, when he was playing collegiately at Cal.

"It was a large, orange, left-to-right-moving object," Rodgers said. "Because of the overcast nature of the night and the snow, you couldn't make out -- it was kind of behind the clouds we were seeing, but it was definitely large, moving from left to right.

"It was me, (teammate Steve Levy) and his brother that saw it. And it goes out of sight and we look at each other and go, 'What the (expletive) was that?'"

Regardless of what you make of Rodgers' story, listening to him detail UFO encounters is preferable to watching him do his best to rip out the hearts of Arizona Cardinals fans.