Zenner: Mayweather is the best. Salesman.

Posted at 6:03 PM, Sep 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-13 21:03:17-04

Back in May, if a big time celeb did not score good seats to the Floyd Mayweather fight with Manny Pacquaio it would be a tremendous blow to their career, Q-Rating, A-List status and self-esteem.  

They may have had to fire their manager and pretend to have been out of town that weekend.  

It would be like having to take an Uber to the Oscars. Not cool! For the latest Mayweather farce last night, a celeb would have to be a fool to show up. Seriously. How would you live that down, having to explain how you literally had nothing else in the world to do that would be more important and entertaining? 

Mayweather went on to win the fight at the MGM in Las Vegas, a unanimous decision over Andrew Berto, that could have been historic, if Mayweather had any actual credibility left.  His victory over Berto improved his record to 49-0 for his career. He never lost a single fight in almost a 20-year boxing career. 

That's impressive. I will give him that.  But forget about trying to answer the question if he is the best fighter of all time. He's not. Plus judging greatness is so subjective, I won't even try to claim to be an expert on boxing so I won't bother ranking him. But I do know an exciting boxer when I see one, and I'm not sure he'd be in the top 15 of all time when it comes to chills he generates in the ring. 

He said after the fight that he would be all done now. Gonna hang it up after 49 wins in 49 fights. Gosh Floyd, I hope you live up to that bold proclamation. But to be honest, I'm not sure if he's being honest. 

Because while Mayweather is not the greatest boxer of all time, he most certainly is the undisputed all-time champion of salesmanship and marketing. Of anything. 

Anyone that can talk people into paying $75 for a high def feed of last night's borefest after what he subjected the famous in person, and non-famous on TV to back in May is a sales and marketing genius. The greatest of all time.