WATCH: South Carolina State player hands Clemson a touchdown -- literally

Posted at 5:21 PM, Sep 17, 2016

Last week, we brought you the cautionary tale of Ray Ray McCloud, the Clemson wide receiver who dropped the ball before he crossed the goal line on what would have been a 76-yard touchdown.

One week later, Clemson's opponent pulled off a play that was equally as boneheaded -- and something we've never seen before.

In the first half of the Tigers' 59-0 victory over South Carolina State, SCSU's Ahamaad Harris forgot to take a knee on a kickoff, choosing to toss the ball to the ref instead.

The ref, realizing the play was still live, wanted nothing to do with the ball -- and by the time Harris realized his mistake, it was too late.

The game got so out of hand that the teams agreed to reduce the third and fourth quarters from 15 to 12 minutes. But that factoid will become a footnote thanks to Harris' poor first-half decision.