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VIDEO: Arizona Wildcats coach Rich Rodriguez NOT happy after loss to ASU in Territorial Cup game

Posted at 8:46 PM, Nov 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-25 22:46:57-05

Arizona Wildcats coach Rich Rodriguez is known for his fiery personality on his sidelines during football games, but he typically tones it down in time for his post-game press conferences.

This was not the case Saturday night after the Wildcats lost to Arizona State in the 91st Territorial Cup game.

It was a frustrating 42-30 defeat for Arizona, in which the Cats had a 10-point halftime lead but lost their star quarterback Khalil Tate due to injury, had a punt return for a touchdown called back due to a questionable penalty, and had problems simply punting the football. So, it's easy to understand Rodriguez's exasperation with his team, the media and himself after the loss.

Here are some of RichRod's post-game comments, followed by video from the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson. (Go here for the full post-game interview.)

On quarterback Khalil Tate being removed from the game due to injury: "Let's see. He got hurt. Got banged up. Then he tried to go, couldn't go, so the other guy went."

On his conservative play-calling late in the first half: "What was I trying to do? I was trying to score. What's the question?"

On why Arizona wasn't more aggressive in trying to score late in the first half: "It's fun for y'all to question that. There's a lot of things I'd question myself at the end of the game. The first half, not so much. But hell, y'all do whatever you want."

On whether Tate will be available for Arizona's bowl game: "I'm not a doctor. I'm not a trainer. Just banged up, couldn't go today. That's it."

On Arizona's punting problems, which led to a blocked punt in the third quarter: "I mean, holy cow, (we're a) Division I team and we can't punt? We can't catch a snap and punt the ball? I mean, it's just unfathomable."

On calling a timeout late in the first half: "No, no. (It was our) last timeout. Were you watching the same game I was?"

On a punt return for a touchdown that was called back for an illegal block in the back penalty: "I didn't think it was (a penalty) when I saw it live, and I didn't think it was when I saw the replay. Everybody's got the benefit of watching it. You tell me."

On regrouping for a bowl game: "We'll be mad for a couple days because losing the Territorial Cup just makes you angry. But we'll find out who we play in a week or whatever, and get ready for that one."