Tony Romo to the Cardinals? Las Vegas oddsmakers weigh in

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 21:46:35-05

Tony Romo's days as a Dallas Cowboy are likely numbered, resulting in endless speculation about where the 36-year-old quarterback may play next season.

Some experts have suggested Romo would look good in an Arizona Cardinals uniform -- even though most Cardinals fans aren't too keen on seeing that happen.

But what do Las Vegas oddsmakers think? They believe Romo to the Cardinals is not outside the realm of possibility, but it's not his most likely destination.

According to, Romo's odds of playing in the desert next season are 10-1. The most likely destination is Denver, as the odds of Romo becoming a Bronco currently stand at 2.5-1.

Other teams favored to land Romo ahead of the Cardinals are the Texans (4-1), Bears (5-1), Bills (6-1), Jets (6-1) and Chiefs (8-1). In fact, according to Vegas, Romo is more likely to stay in Dallas (8-1) than head to Arizona.

The Cardinals seem unlikely to pursue Romo as long as Carson Palmer returns as the team's quarterback next season, which he said he intends to do. Also, while Romo has statistically been one of the NFL's best quarterbacks in the last decade, he is exceptionally injury-prone.

But hey, if you're in the gambling mood and want to wager $100 that Romo will be a Cardinal next season, you'll be $900 richer if you get lucky.