BLOG: Stop Warriors from stealing Suns' stars

Posted at 3:42 PM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 18:42:07-04

Where is the NBA commissioner when you need him? Seriously, there should be a rule when it comes to how many ex-Suns an organization can employ. 

Let’s see, the Golden State Warriors have Steve Kerr, Rick Welts and now they are hiring Steve Nash as a consultant? Their head coach, President, and new “skills” consultant were all prominent stars with the Suns on the court or in the front office. 

Forget about this being another brilliant move by a very forward-thinking organization, this just smacks of pure greed. How many more skills do the Warriors need? Aren’t they good enough?  

It would be like Daniel Day Lewis being hired by Warner Brothers to give Meryl Streep acting lessons. Does the league need Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala to have more skills? My goodness, forget about revenue sharing, how about mandatory skills sharing in the NBA. There should be a luxury tax owners pay when they take too much brain power and talent.  Maybe during Wednesday's Republican debate someone from CNN can ask the candidates who would be in favor of building a wall around the Bay Area to keep more hall of fame legends from entering the Warriors’ organization.

It leads me to think about what Nash might really want to do with his career now that he is completely done playing. Forget about any sort of returns to the court, do you think he wants to endure any more rehab? He’s spent more time in a training room the last three years than the Lakers trainer I’m guessing.  

Nash is way too competitive to not do something on a grand stage. I know he likes to dabble in his documentary film making, but come on, how many film festivals in Milwaukee and Austin and Portland does he need to go to?

Nash will end up running a team someday soon -- very soon -- after he finishes his new consulting gig with the Warriors, where he’ll probably win a ring with a rival the same year he enters the Sun’s Ring of Honor. 

So I guess we say ‘”good luck, Steve.” Which is another thing the Warriors don’t need.  More good luck. Maybe they used it all up when they played a Cleveland team in the Finals without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. 

And finally, I have a message for the Suns Gorilla. Be careful and watch your back! The Warriors might try to come and get you too!