Steve Kerr says he got ejected on purpose against Suns to get to buffet

Posted: 10:55 AM, Oct 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-09 18:34:10Z

It’s no secret that some preseason games don’t get taken very seriously by the NBA’s top stars, and Monday night was a perfect example.

Golden State Warriors head coach Stever Kerr was tossed out from the game against the Phoenix Suns after arguing an offensive foul call on Steph Curry.

After being thrown out of the game, Kerr could be heard telling the referee, “Good, I don’t want to be here anyway!” Kerr also waived sarcastically at the referee as he walked away.


In the post-game press conference, Kerr said he wanted to be ejected, and joked that he wanted to be the first person to get to the post-game buffet. The post-game buffet opens toward the end of the third quarter, coincidentally right when Kerr got ejected.


The Suns went on to win the game 117-109.

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