DEBATE: Should court storming come to an end?

Posted at 5:28 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 19:28:06-05

Arizona Wildcats basketball coach Sean Miller made national waves last week when he suggested court storming in college basketball should come to an end -- or at least, be altered for the sake of player and fan safety.

"Eventually what's going to happen in the Pac-12 is this: An Arizona player is going to punch a fan, and they're going to punch the fan out of self-defense," a frustrated Miller said after UA lost at Colorado on Wednesday, leading to Buffaloes fans rushing their home court.

"And when it happens, only when it happens, will everybody say, 'We have to do something so that when the game ends we have a deep breath to be able to leave the court, or at least shake the other team's hand and then get to the locker room."

Does Miller have a point? Should court storming be eliminated or changed -- or should one of college hoops' favorite traditions be kept in place?

ABC15's Craig Fouhy and Jason Snavely debated during Sunday night's "In The Ring" segment. Check out the above video to find out what they had to say.