POLL: Most fans blame County for D-backs dispute

Posted at 7:35 PM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 01:19:40-04

We'll begin with the usual disclaimer that Twitter polls are highly unscientific. They can, however, be useful for creating a sort of snapshot of the way fans are feeling at any given time.

To that end, it was interesting to note that, in the hours after the Arizona Diamondbacks' $187 million funding dispute with Maricopa County became public, most fans said the County was at fault.

On Thursday, a series of letters between the D-backs and County surfaced, in which D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall requested to seek options for a new stadium after it became apparent that Maricopa County wouldn't pay for certain repairs and renovations asked for by the team.

The D-backs refused the request, much to the Diamondbacks' chagrin, and both sides held press conferences Thursday afternoon to present their sides of the story. 

So, on Thursday, we asked the following question: Who is to blame for the Diamondbacks' stadium repair dispute with Maricopa County?

Of the 342 people who voted in our poll, 41 percent placed the blame squarely on the County's shoulders, while 38 percent said both parties are to blame. Just 21 percent singled out the D-backs for blame.

Hall noted that, as of next year, Chase Field will be the fourth-oldest active stadium in Major League Baseball. The County, however, said the D-backs had asked to postpone certain repairs and renovations that had been offered a year ago.

One thing we know for sure is this is a fluid situation that is far from over -- and it hopefully won't overshadow what could be a fantastic season on the field for the D-backs.