New Cardinal was involved in odd police incident

Posted at 1:03 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 17:50:41-04

On Tuesday, the Arizona Cardinals struck a deal to bring elite New England Patriots pass-rusher Chandler Jones to town. The 2015 Pro Bowler will fill a much-needed hole in the Cards' defense.

"A shirtless Jones got on his knees behind the police station and appeared to be 'actively praying or worshipping'"

While Jones doesn't appear to have any major off-field concerns or questions regarding his character, you may have heard about a bizarre January incident involving Jones in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where the Patriots play.

"A shirtless Chandler Jones got down on his knees behind the Foxborough police station Sunday morning and appeared to be 'actively praying or worshipping' as officers approached him," reported after the Jan. 10 incident.

When officers approached Jones, the 26-year-old "laid down on his stomach with his arms wide out and told cops, 'I'm Chandler Jones,' and that he had 'been told' to come to the station," TMZ Sports reported. "Cops ultimately determined he had not broken any laws and called paramedics to attend to him."

Officers later reportedly smelled "burnt marijuana" in Jones' home. Jones was not arrested but was later hospitalized for having a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana, the Boston Globe reported. He returned to practice the next day as the Patriots prepared to host the Chiefs in an AFC Divisional playoff game.